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Our Philosophy
  • To create an environment as close as practical to a happy home atmosphere and to promote a sense of community within the retirement village.
  • To ensure that every resident has the individual care and attention to maximise their quality of life.
  • To respect the rights of the other residents in their individual choices.
  • To ensure the individual resident is treated with respect and courtesy they deserve and likewise that the resident responds in like fashion to other residents and staff.
  • To encourage and enhance the resident independence and autonomy in their everyday lite.
  • To respect the resident’s rights to privacy, dignity and decisions.

Our Values

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  At Inasmuch Community Ltd. our philosophy is driven by our core values which our very genuine and caring staff, regardless of the role they undertake, have taken to heart and practice each and every day to ensure the best care possible is given to the residents who have placed their hope, trust and faith in us.

Our Values

Be Customer Driven

We are driven to achieve the best outcome for our customers

Be Better

We continually strive to improve

Be Passionate

We are energetic and motivated to do the best we can

Be Honest

We are straight talking