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Welcome to Inasmuch Community Incorporated

Perfect for All Seniors

Inasmuch caters for a broad range of needs, from retirement village to serviced apartments to high care. Regardless of how old you are, we are here to meet your needs.

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Independent Living

Come join our community. Meet lots of new people, make new friends, and check out the local area.

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We will support you to navigate the aged care maze. Speak to our friendly staff and they will be only too willing to assist.

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Our Professional Team

Inasmuch Community Incorporated offer people from all walks of life a highly rewarding career in the aged care sector. As a private sector employer Inasmuch has a very high commitment to supporting its staff to work in a friendly and work safe...

Inasmuch Lifestyle & Activities

Enjoy Bowls
Enjoy Gardening
Enjoy Fishing
Enjoy Golfing

Donations are Welcome

Inasmuch is a Registered Charity
Inasmuch Community Incorporated primarily works in the Aged Care Sector.

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With so much to offer it’s the perfect time to make Inasmuch Community your lifestyle choice.

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