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Inasmuch 40 bed Accredited Caring Centre with:

  • 36 permanent residential beds
  • 4 respite care beds

We would love you to come and join our community, either as a permanent resident or for short stay respite care in our newly renovated 40 bed facility where residents have spacious rooms with ensuite accomodation and also access to shared living, dining and courtyard recreational areas. Inlet Hostel is located on the lovely and well maintained grounds of the Inasmuch Retirement Village in Sussex Inlet.  Our vibrant community has many activities to offer people from all walks of life who are in need of more caring and support as they continue their life's journey.  Our staff pride themselves on their talents, skills and expertise as well as ensuring that your care and support is the best possible to meet your individual needs and enable you to have quality of life.

As there is a waiting list, you will need to register your interest on the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please note: if we have not answered a question in our Frequently Asked Questions, please ensure you ask one of our friendly staff.

What Type of Respite Care do you Provide?

The Hostel has 4 respite beds.  We provide respite:

  • If you have been discharged from hospital and require more care prior to going home.
  • To give you and your carer a short break.
  • If your carer becomes ill, we can provide you respite until your carer is well again.
  • Your carer wants to take a holiday so they can come back refreshed, relaxed and tell you all their travel stories.

What is the Maximum Days I Can Arrange Respite Care for?

A maximum of 63 days in any given fiscal (financial) year - that is from 1st July - 30th June; Unless

  • You are  a holder of a Department of Veterans Affairs card.  In this situation the maximum days the Department of Verterans Affairs will fully fund is 28 days in any given fiscal year; however you are able to pay the remaining 35 days yourself.
  • In extenuating circumstances if you cannot go home for some reason, Inasmuch Community Incorporated can organise an extension for a further 21 days.  If this is the situation, please talk to our friendly staff and they can let you know if they can organise this for you.

Is there any Assessment required for Me to be eligible for Respite Care?

Yes. You will need to obtain ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Treatment) Approval. This basically means the ACAT Assessment Team must undertake an assessment and create an ACCR (Aged Care Client Record) for you.

What Items Should I Pack for Respite Care?

There are a range of items you can bring with you when you access our Respite Care, these include:

  • Comfortable clothes.  Please ensure all your clothes have a name tag with your name on it.
  • Toiletries and Incontinence aids if required.
  • Medications which are packed in a Webster pack so the staff can administer your medication if you are unable to do so.  Alternatively you control your own medication regime if you are able to do so.
  • A medication chart signed sheet from your Pharmacist when your Webster pack is made up.

What Items Will Be Provided to Me

Every room will have:

  • Bed
  • Bedside Table
  • Easy Chair
  • All linen, towels and bedding

Alternatively you have the choice to bring these items from your home if you so choose.

To ensure your room is comfortable and enjoyable you may also bring:

  • Photos of Loved Ones
  • Favourite Bed Spread
  • Favourite Easy Chair
  • Television
  • DVD Player
  • Radio
  • Touch Lamp/s
  • Computer or iPad/Tablet
  • Small bar fridge

Please Note:  Any electrical items you bring with you are tested and tagged by our maintenance staff to ensure they are in good working order and not a fire hazard.

You can also organise at your own expense the following:

  • A phone
  • Foxtel
  • Internet/WiFi

What Items Can’t I Bring With Me?

We request residents avoid bringing various items with them.  These being:

  • There are no cooking facilities in your room.  Please avoid bringing any type of cooking equipment.
  • Also please avoid bringing with you any type of combustible fuel, liquids and the like.

Please be rest assured, every common area has a kitchenette for residents and visitors where they are able to:

  • Access tea and coffee facilities
  • Use the microwave to make a quick snack.
  • A refrigerator to keep items which need to be chilled.

What is the Food Like?

Inasmuch prides itself on cooking all meals fresh onsite for residents by our expert cooks for residents 7 days per week.

Hence you can be rest assured your meals will be fresh, nutritionally balanced and tasty. We are very proud of the fact that Inasmuch is certified by the NSW Food Authority who undertake an inspection on an annual basis.  Part of this inspection includes the Hazaard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Do I have to organise my own Laundry?

No. We provide a laundry service and all your laundry is washed and dried onsite. All we ask is that you ensure all your clothing items have a name tag with your name on it, so we can ensure we deliver them back to you safe and sound.

What Services will be Provided to Me?

There are a broad range of services provided to you as a resident of the Caring Centre, these include, however not limited to:

  • RN (registered nurse) are onsite 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  • OT (occupational therapist) is available
  • Physiotherapist onsite.
  • Pathology services.
  • Podiatrist visits every 6 - 8 weeks.
  • Hairdressing Salon and the local hairdresser visits weekly.
  • Access to GP's.
  • Geriatrician visits regularly.
  • Dental Prosthesis Technician visits regularly.
  • Speech Pathologist attends as required.
  • Access to Mental Health Clinicians if required.
  • Access to Counselling Services if required.

Are there any Stairs I need to Worry About?

No. The Hostel is on ground level so residents are able to get about quite easily.

Are there any Activities for Me to Participate in?

Yes, there are. We want you to become a highly valued member of the Inasmuch Community. You can choose what activities you would like to participate in and the times you prefer to do your own thing. Some activities include, however not limited to:

  • An activities newsletter is published regularly so you can choose the activities you wish to join. Some activities include, card games, happy hour, singalong, bingo, trivia, gardening, exercise classes and more.
  • We have 3 buses so residents can go out on regular outings in Sussex Inlet and our lovely surrounding areas.
  • Shoppers' Run to Sussex Inlet Main Street or alternatively you can provide us with your shopping list and one of our friendly staff will do your shopping for you.
  • If you require transportation to various medical appointments we are able to do this for you, at your own expense (If you would like our friendly staff member to sit in with you on your medical appointment so you have a second person listening to the information the doctor gives you, we're only too happy to do this for you.) Contact administration for costs.
  • Bi-Monthly Residents' Meetings so residents can have a say on how the Hostel is run.
  • Bi-Monthly Resident's Food Committee so you can have a say on your diet and the menus our fantastic cooks prepare for you.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Yes and No. If you have fish or a bird, you are able to bring these pets with you. However, you cannot bring any other type of animal, including dogs or cats, however they can visit you if they have received their full immunisation and are able to show proof.

Inasmuch retains the right to refuse any dog entry and all visits must be pre-arranged with the staff.
Please note: No family pet can reside permanently onsite.

How can I get Help if there is an Emergency?

Every resident is given a Vital Call Pendant to wear so they can get help if there is an emergency and you need staff immediately. Please ensure you wear your Vital Call Pendant at all times.  When you use the pendant, the staff will be able to respond immediately.

What are the Associated Costs?

For a permanent room in the Hostel the maximum price is $325,000

You will need to undergo an Assets test from the relevant government department, i.e. Centrelink if you are a pensioner. However, if your assets are assessed as less than $49,500 you can obtain a concession and only pay the normal daily fee.  This fee is set by the government and as at 20th March 2016 it is 84% of your pension.  This fee is called the Residential Care Basic Daily Care Fee.

If you are assessed and are deemed as needing to pay a RAD, the following options are available:

  • RAD - Refundable Accommodation Deposit - Pay the full $325,000 and this is fully refunded.
  • DAP - Daily Accommodation Payment, however there is no refund.
  • A Combination of both the RAD and the DAP - where the RAD part is refunded however the DAP part is not.

For Respite Care the Daily Care Fee currently is set at $51.21 per day.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change.  Please check with our friendly staff prior to making a decision.

Should I sell or not sell my home?

This is a very individual choice which only you can make and is entirely dependent on your financial circumstances.  Some people decide to sell their home within the 2 year time frame.  Others decide to retain their home, rent it out and pay the DAP amount from the rent monies obtained. 

Please check the My Aged Care Website for more information. You can estimate your fees by using the My Aged Care Residential Care Fee Estimator.

Are the Staff Trained?

Absolutely. The majority of staff hold a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Aged Care. They also receive ongoing training, including undertaking annual or bi-annual mandatory training.

Hence you will know that you are in safe hands, with trained staff who are friendly, caring and supportive.

Fire Emergency

In case of a fire emergency there are currently very clear procedures in place and the staff attend mandatory fire and evacuation training on a biannual basis. Our local Rural Fire Brigade annually undertake a training session at Inasmuch so they are fully aware of the facilities in case of a fire emergency they need to attend to.

One of our legal requirements is Inasmuch must be reviewed and assessed annually to obtain the "Annual Fire Safety Statement". Hence you can be rest assured if there is a fire emergency the staff are well trained and able to deal with the emergency in order to keep you safe.

Some of our staff are also members of our local Rural Fire Brigade and receive intensive ongoing training as a result of their membership to give you added peace of mind.


My Aged Care

Residential Aged Care is changing and a big part of the changes are that the Australian Government has developed the My Aged Care programme. This means you have more choice and control on the services that are delivered to you. You are able to develop your own care package. Speak to our friendly staff and they will assist you to develop a care package that meets your needs and enables you to have quality of life.


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