Keep Reliably Informed

At Inasmuch we believe that information is power.  Power is having the right information to be able to make the most informed decision possible.

Why rely on memory, or other people’s opinions?  An informed person takes all the available information, sifts through to ascertain the nubs or core information, undertakes any other available research and then develops a list of Pros & Cons; prior to making a decision.

At Inasmuch we encourage and enable residents and members and the general community to become as informed as humanly possible. Human nature being what it is, most people will only inform you of stuff from their perspective only. Sure one can listen to gossip, however if you want the real facts of the matter, speak to our board or senior management.  If they do not know the information, they will tell you so, then seek out the relevant information and contact you so you can be given the information they have researched for you.  They will give you as much information as they’re able to, so you can make an informed decision on the issue or concern or idea you would like to share or put forward.

In this section we will try and keep you as informed as possible on:

Any upcoming events, including fundraising events you may want to participate in.

Current Research – hopefully including international and Australian research concepts and ideas pertaining overall to aged care.

Websites that you may want to access to obtain quality and reliable information.

Any documents that the Inasmuch Board and/or senior management want to ensure is publicly available to residents and members.

Please Note:

Why not actively participate and contact us if you have relevant information that you would like to see included in this section for the benefit of residents, members, our local community and visitors to our website.