Residential Aged Care

Inasmuch Community Inc. has established two residential aged care facilities:

Caring Centre – which is a 40 bed accredited caring centre

Ainslie House – which is a 30 bed secure high dependency unit

The fantastic aspect of having residential aged care facilities as part of the Inasmuch Community is that when you reach the stage of your life’s journey where you require more care and support, you can remain within the Inasmuch Community and not have to relocate to an entirely different area.  This ensures that your transition to increased care and support is smooth, relatively hassle free, and you can be surrounded with family and friends in your new environment.

Residential Aged Care is changing and a big part of the changes are that the Australian Government has developed the My Aged Care programme.  This means you have more choice and control on the services that are delivered to you.  You are able to develop your own care package.  Speak to our friendly staff and they will assist you to develop a care package that meets your needs and enables you to have quality of life.  To find out more about My Aged Care click here.

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Residential Aged Care