Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for Inasmuch Community Members

A legal requirement and also contained in the organisation’s constitution is that an AGM must be held within the first 6 months of the end of the financial year.  For Inasmuch this means the AGM for paid up members is usually held in November each year.

All paid up members (by the date set by the Inasmuch Board) are welcome to attend; have their say; and elect the board.  Basically the board serve a 3 year term and each year, one third of the board step down to either be re-elected to the board by the members or retire from the board so new board members can be elected.

There is a format that is normally followed for the AGM in order that the proceedings are orderly, issues on the agenda fully discussed; and the independent returning officer presides over the voting for the election of board members.  Some of the proceedings include, however not limited to:

  • The Minutes from the Previous year’s AGM
  • The Chairperson’s report
  • The CEO’s Report
  • The Treasurer’s Report and Audited Financial Accounts
  • Election of Board Members
  • Any other business deemed pertinent by the board to be brought forward for members’ discussions and decisions.