Careers at Inasmuch


Working in Aged Care is a very Rewarding Career

Inasmuch Community Incorporated offer people from all walks of life a highly rewarding career in the aged care sector.  As a private sector employer Inasmuch has a very high commitment to supporting its staff to work in a friendly and work safe environment, alongside a team of caring and supportive professionals from diverse career sectors.  Our team support the Inasmuch Community to live rewarding, comfortable and happy lifestyles.  Hence, if you would like to join our team, the following criteria from our perspective is a must:

Willingness to put the residents of the Inasmuch Community and forefront of every task you undertake.

Have a caring and empathetic attitude and highly value Inasmuch Residents as having enormous wisdom, talents, skills and expertise to contribute towards the care and support they receive; as well as how Inasmuch Community is managed and run for the benefit of all residents.

Be willing to go the extra mile.  Working with Inasmuch is simply not a job.  Working with Inasmuch is an opportunity to give each resident the personal touch to ensure their lives are comfortable.